The Final Seminar



Location: Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Center), Gaustadalléen 21, Meeting room:
FAROS. Participation is free of charge.

Preliminary program (Titles may change and presentation added)



0830-0900 Registration  
0900-0910 Welcome and demo of traffic
Truls Berge, SINTEF (N)
0910-0930 Norwegian policy to reduce CO2 and
traffic noise from the transport area
TBC (Ministry of Transport)
0930-0940 Overview of the LEO project Jurek Ejsmont, TUG (PL)
0940-1010 LEO - results of noise measurements Truls Berge, SINTEF
1010-1030 Coffee/tea  
1030-1100 LEO - results of rolling resistance
Jurek Ejsmont, TUG
1100-1145 ROSANNE project Ulf Sandberg, VTI (S)
1145-1215 The composite wheel Hans-Erik Hansson (S)
1215-1300 Lunch  
1300-1345 PERSUADE and DISTANCE projects Luc Goubert, BRRC (B)
1345-1415 Tripple AAA-tyres - cost/benefit Erik de Graaff, M+P (NL)
1415-1445 COOEE and ROSE projects Lasse G. Andersen, DRD (DK)
1445-1500 Coffee/tea  
1500-1530 Questions/discussion  

The LEO project
In the period 2013-2016 SINTEF (Norway) and TUG (Technical University Gdansk) cooperated in the
project LEO (Low Emission Optimized tyres and road surfaces for electric and hybrid vehicles, This project has been financed within the Polish-Norwegian research
program CORE 2013 (NCBiR).

As part of the dissemination program for the project LEO, an international seminar is planned in Oslo,
Thursday, June 2nd 2016. Location: Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21, Room "Faros".

In LEO, measurements have been performed with selected combinations of tyres and road surfaces,
including tyres especially developed for electric cars. The main objective has been to investigate
combinations of tyres and road surfaces than can give a reduction of road traffic noise, and in addition
reduced energy consumption. For cars with ICE power train, this could reduce CO2 emission and
increased driving range for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in electric mode. Measurements have
been made both in Poland and in Norway, including measurements on a poroelastic road surface (lownoise
test surface (Krakow) laid in the EU project PERSUADE). This surface can give a reduction of
tyre/road noise in the range of 8-10 dB, compared to conventional dense surfaces. In addition to
tyre/road noise, rolling resistance have been measured with different tyres on a wide range of road
surfaces, including some laboratory drum measurements

The results from the project will show the potential to reduce the annoyance from road traffic noise by
source reducing measures and the potential reduction in energy consumption from the transport
section, by optimizing tyres and road surfaces.

The seminar:
In addition to results from LEO (presented by TUG and SINTEF), we have invited some internationally
well-known experts. Several have many years of experience in research on traffic noise, tyre behavior
and rolling resistance and should be able to give interesting presentations of current research.

Dr. Ulf Sandberg, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Sweden: Sandberg
will present results from the ongoing EU project ROSANNE ( main
objectives of this project is to develop and harmonize measuring methods for skid resistance, noise
and rolling resistance properties of road surfaces, as an input to ISO and CEN standards work.
Sandberg is one of the leading experts worldwide on road traffic noise and is the author of the
"Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book", together with Jurek Ejsmont (project leader of LEO at TUG). He
has also been heavily involved in PERSUADE, and led projects on the Composite Wheel, as
described in other presentations.

Dr. Luc Goubert, Belgian Road Research Center (BRRC). Goubert was the project leader of the EU
project PERSUADE (, finalized in 2015. In this project, poroelastic road
surfaces were developed and tested. The focus has been on durability, noise reduction and safety. In
addition, Goubert has been involved in several international projects, some financed by CEDR
(association of European Road Directorates). Dr. Goubert will also present the main results from the
CEDR project DISTANCE, a joint project with SINTEF, TRL (UK) and ANAS (I)

Erik de Graaff, M+P consulting engineers (NL) has been long time working on national and
international projects related to tyres and road vehicles. He has been involved in harmonizing and
standardization of international regulations for tyres and vehicles (UNECE/GRB) and responsible for
several investigations regarding tyre/road noise. Recently, he was a co-author of a report about the
cost/benefits of using triple AAA tyres (EU labelling). He will be presenting results from this work at the

Hans-Erik Hansson, Euroturbine (Sweden): Is currently involved in the further development of the socalled
"Composite Wheel". This wheel has a completely different design compared to a normal tyre
and has a great potential to reduce tyre/road noise and rolling resistance. He will show a prototype of
the wheel at the seminar.

Dr. Lasse Grinderslev Andersen, Danish Road Directorate (Denmark): Presentation of the projects
COOEE and ROSE. The project COOEE (CO2 emission reduction by exploitation of rolling resistance
modelling of pavements, 2012-2014) was a joint project with the Road Directorate, NCC Roads,
University of Roskilde and Technical University of Denmark ( The project
ROSE (Roads Saving Energy) started in March 2016 and Anderson is leading the work package
implementing the results in the DRD pavement managing system. Andersen took is Ph.D. within the
COOEE project on modelling of rolling resistance.

Prof. Jurek Ejsmont, TUG (Poland). Esjmont is the project leader of two of the work packages in
LEO. He and his institute has been and is involved in several European projects like PERSUADE,
ROSANNE and SILENCE. TUG has laboratory facilities to measure noise and rolling resistance of
tyres on drums and trailer to measure noise and rolling resistance on roads.

Truls Berge, SINTEF (Norway). Berge is the project leader of two work packages in LEO. Berge has
in over 30 years worked at SINTEF, on research within road traffic noise. Low noise road surfaces,
tyres and vehicles has been the main area of work. He is a member of several international
committees and has been the project leader of several work packages in international projects such as

A representative for the Department of Transport has been invited to present national strategies to
reduce the climate emissions and the noise annoyance from road traffic. The speaker has not yet
been named.

A speaker from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Randolph Leung, may also participate. He is
currently involved in projects related to methods and equipment to measure road traffic noise in Hong
Kong. However, his participation may be depending on if visits to other institutes in Europe can be
combined with the seminar.

A preliminary program is enclosed. There will be time for questions and discussion at the end of the
seminar. All presentations will be available on the LEO web site.

In addition to invited speaker, a wide range of institutions/organizations will be invited; along with
media. This will be representatives from the national transportation and environmental departments,
environmental and tyre/vehicle related organizations.

Hopefully, also representatives from Poland, including NCBiR, will be able to attend, by invitation.
The seminar will be given in English and all presentations will be available on the web-site of the LEO

Contact persons:
Norway:                                                                                         Poland:
Research Scientist Truls Berge                                                        Prof. Jurek Ejsmont
SINTEF ICT, dept. of acoustics                                                         Technical University of Gdansk
email:                                                             email:
Mobile: +47 90572026                                                                      Mobile: +48 603943907