Project Information

The main objective of the LEO project is to demonstrate the state-of-the-art of new passenger car tyres and road surfaces that have a technical potential to reduce the amount of CO2 due to reduced energy consumption by an optimized low rolling resistance. At the same time, such tyres and road surfaces have a potential to reduce road traffic noise. The combination of tyres specially developed for electric (EV) and hybrid (HV) vehicles, together with low-noise road surfaces has a potential for a significant reduction of the negative impact of road traffic in urban conditions, through a synergistic optimization. This will be done by a review of the desired features of tyres related to electric and hybrid vehicles and to road surfaces in a state-of-the-art report. Based on this report, a measurement program on tyres and road surfaces will be conducted in Poland and in Norway. The tyre/road noise of selected passenger car tyres will be measured on a wide range of road surfaces, using a CPX trailer, and on the laboratory drum facilities of TUG. The tyres will include both special new tyres developed for electric vehicles, and more traditional tyres labeled with low rolling resistance and/or low noise levels. Pass-by noise measurements of complete vehicles (EV/HV) with optimized tyres will also be performed.  In addition, the rolling resistance of the combination of tyres and road surfaces will be measured in both laboratory situations and on selected road surfaces, primarily in Poland and Norway. Based on the measurement results, a feasibility study and a cost/benefit study will be made, to demonstrate the potential reduction in energy consumption/CO2-reduction and reduction of road traffic noise, using optimized tyres and road surfaces. The results will be disseminated during specially organized seminars and in scientific as well as popular publications.